RiseKit raises $1.76 million in latest round of funding
RiseKit Corporate
Jun 7, 2022 4:39:27 PM

CHICAGO – RiseKit is thrilled to announce the successful raise of a $1.76 million seed round of funding.


They would like to thank participating investors Steve Sarowtiz, Josh Tolman, Trevor Rees-Jones, Jason Mendelson and Stand Together Ventures Lab for believing in the mission.


“I continue to be excited about RiseKit’s strong growth and impact on underserved communities,” said Josh Tolman. “I am proud to be a two-time investor and look forward to seeing what they can do both through regional expansion and advancement of their technology platform – leveraging predictive analytics to inspire more individuals to reach their fullest potential.”


This funding will enhance RiseKit’s tech development, customer support and success, and sales teams.


RiseKit is dedicated to being a part of the solution to poverty, and their software allows nonprofits, government agencies, service providers, and employers to coordinate their efforts to provide a predictable and impactful end-to-end experience for workers along their journey to financial security.


“RiseKit delivers a triple win for all of those working so hard to provide people with opportunities to lead an economically independent life,” said Sylvie Légère, RiseKit board member.


In addition to the communication and task management elements of RiseKit’s software, the data that it collects is critical in equipping nonprofits and other organizations with the information they need to best serve their clients.


With this investment, RiseKit added product and engineering leaders to its growing team. 


RiseKit’s Product Manager, Edgar Wharton, said: “With thoughtfulness and intentionality, RiseKit is deconstructing silos between service providers, training programs, and employers to help all organizations see the benefit of collaboration while simultaneously actively listening to the worker voice to make changes that holistically impact people’s lives.” 


Nathan Jones, RiseKit’s Head of Engineering, said: “It’s great to see our investors recognize the broad potential of Risekit as a vehicle for reducing poverty, and believing in this team to make it happen. Over the last year we’ve focused on building a core experience that helps alleviate daily challenges faced by service providers, in addition to bolstering access to resources for program participants. We will continue to hone in on the qualities of Risekit that drive the most impact across the board, while also seeking opportunities for innovation.”